Thursday, December 3, 2009

Told the Family

Tonight's post is going to be short, It has been a long, tiring, frustrating night. I have talked about coming out to the family in the last few posts and tonight I came out to three of my brothers. My twin brother reacted the worst, but to be honest that is what I expected. He had some choice words to share with me, and made darn good and sure that I knew how "disappointed" he was in me. Phooey Bro! My younger brother who lives in the Midwest totally and completely made up for it though. He was truly the righteous one out of the bunch. Kind of ironic that he claims to be the least righteous, while my twin is so proud of the fact that he is not only righteous but also humble. KUDOS Lil bro, you're the real stud in the family! The rest of the family comes tomorrow, parents and all! I know! I need to be more understanding of them if I am wanting them to be the same to me, but dang it's hard to be understanding and feel Christ Like when someone is thrashing on you? Thank You to a handful of wonderful friends who helped see me through this crazy night.

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