Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Tired and Need a Hug

I'm Tired tonight! I'm tired of talking! I'm tired of listening! I'm tired of writing! I'm tired of wearing the "Mask"! I'm tired of trying to keep a positive attitude! I'm tired of family! I'm tired of friends trying to tell me how patient "I" need to be! I'm tired of being told how inherently evil I am! I'm tired of having God quoted to me! I'm tired of being "Told" how I feel! I'm tired of being told that being Gay is a choice! I'm tired of being told how disappointed people are in me! I'm tired of pasting a smile on my face so the world won't know how tired I am! I am tired of hearing the question, how dare you drop this bomb on me? I'm tired of being Tired! I'm tired and I just want a HUG, and there is no one around to hug me! Just in case you can't tell, "I'M TIRED"! lol Sure do hope tomorrow is better!


  1. HUG!!! I'm sorry things aren't going as well as you hoped. Please know that God does love you, just as you are, a good, honest, decent man trying to do his best. Others may not see it that way, but I know that He does. Hang in there my friend. Dark nights are followed by bright days. There are many out here who will lend you whatever support you may need, we are all family!