Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Way

I've been following a few blogs as of late, it's always nice to read about others experiences that seem to be similar to your own. The following is a comment made by Chris in His blog "Good To Be Free". The term "Cleave Point" is found in another blog by Scott Dichotomy where he talks about the steps to apostasy as pointed out to him by a "concerned" friend.

[1. Find a cleave point. 2,Elevate that cleave point to imperative status. 3. Seek out others who agree with that cleave point. 4. Search out every possible support for that cleave point until convinced it is absolute. 5. Leverage that cleave point as a wedge between you and the leaders of the church (past and/or present, local and/or general). 6. Stop serving in callings and/or make substitutions in your church duties. 7. Some trigger event produces a final rupture. 8. Publicly denounce church policy and/or leader(s). 9. Leave the church (voluntarily or not). 10. Let bitterness and resentment drive further alienation with both the church and continuing members of the church--including family and former friends."]

Chris's Comment:

"So I guess this is my cleave point. (the thing that Chris is having a hard time with) I do feel like it is cleaving me, not only away from the church, but from myself and my family. I don't want to leave all the good that there is in the church. Is there only one destination on this road, or can I find a different end? I hope that I can."

When I read this it really hit home. I do not want to leave all the good that there is in the church myself. But at the same time there is a lot of confusion. I too feel that I am on a road that will not let me return to my "old" way of life. I am not sure that I would ever want to return. I too wonder if this road has only one destination or if possibly another might be found without having to give up my new found freedom and self acceptance? I too hope that I am able to do so. But regardless of the outcome, I am who I am, A Child of God who just happens to also be Gay! God bless the day that members of the church can accept each other as Christ does without the self righteous piety.

Thanks Chris and Scott for some insightful thoughts to consider.

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  1. One option that I have been mulling recently is the "cafeteria Mormon" idea. While I don't know how practical it is in a culture that demands nothing less than everything, I think it may an option at least in theory.