Friday, July 30, 2010

Someone to Love . . .

OMGosh I just watched the best movie! It's about a boy who lived through hell yet never gave up hope. About two adults who found love, got lost, and finally saved a boy.

If you want a tug at your heart moment find "AUGUST RUSH" settle down with someone you love, snuggle up under a blanket with a bag of popcorn your favorite drink and prepare to have your heart touched!

As I watched this movie it caused me to reflect upon how I want someone to love and someone to love me back. Someone to snuggle with as we watch a movie. Someone to cry with. Someone to laugh with. Someone to hope with. Someone to hold hands with. Someone to go on long bike rides and or walks through the park with. Someone to cook for. Someone to comfort when they're down. Someone to comfort me when I'm down.



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