Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Have you ever fallen for someone who you can't be with? IT SUCKS! It feels like your heart is ripping apart and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your body aches to the core. Your stomach swirls and twirls and it hurts! For most of my life the gals I dated fell in love with me and then couldn't have me. My Mom always said that someday the tables would turn on me and that I was going to fall for someone I couldn't have, little did she know it would be with a man. I'd rather break my leg at least the codine would help ease the pain. Oh well it is what it is, Accept it and move on. . .
P.S. Other than this glitch Life is pretty darn good!


  1. Definitely know the feeling...sorry buddy. It sucks to finally be at a point in life where you are confident enough to accept that you actually do want to be with that person, only to not really be able to pursue it for whatever reason.

  2. I liked a guy.
    He didnt like me.
    I stalked him on FB.
    I saw his cute pictures.
    I was listening to a love song and I cried.
    I wanted him.

    I know ur feeling, man.


  3. The story of my life... but otherwise life is good!