Sunday, July 25, 2010

Married, Gay, Temple Attending Mormon

I have been hearing stories of a Man who is in a full gay relationship who was just recently given his temple recommend and who is a "Full Practicing Gay Temple Attending Mormon". I have not given too much credence to the story knowing how much we as humans and especially as Mormons like to pass on hearsay. However I met this man and his partner last night and was enthralled by his story. I share this story only because I got it str8 from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I will not share details like names and locations out of respect for those involved. For the purpose of this post I will refer to them as Joe and John.

Joe is a member of the LDS church and John is not. Joe spent many years away from the church after having served an active LDS mission. During his time away from the church he attended Seminary and received his Pastors certificate in another faith. This is a lifetime appointment and is not taken if one chooses to leave the faith. During this time he met his partner to be, John. The two of them moved to the state where they currently reside. Sometime during this time period they were legally married in a state where Same Sex Marriages are performed. They live together as Full Partners with every "advantage" that attends marriage. In other words they have a very full active sex life. Sometime along the way Joe decided that he would like to begin attending the LDS church again. To make a long story short he was soon back into full activity and fellowship within the church. His Bishop, His Stake President, and the High council have been fully aware of his Partnership from day one. His partner is not LDS and does not attend church with him but does attend most any and all church activities and once in awhile a church service with Joe. The two of them have home teachers who visit regularly. Most important to note is that his local church leadership are fully aware that he is living with his partner, that they were legally married in another state and that they are enjoying the "benefits" of marriage (sex). Joe then proceeded to tell me of the recent renewal of his Temple Recommend and the regular use thereof. Once again I am not sharing my own story but that of another. He has shared this with me first hand and unless he is lying the story is valid to the best of my knowledge. I would like to find a way to tell for sure if his story is accurate? Does anyone out there know of any similar experiences?
Five days later: I haven't been able to verify this story as of yet but I am definitely working on it. It doesn't make logical sense but then who knows? I'll definitely keep you updated.


  1. Wow. This is quite a story. And, if, as you purport, true, that would be very amazing. I will be very interested to see if this story can be verified true.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Happy night. :)

  2. And, THANK YOU for the Kirby music!! It is TERRIFIC!!

  3. Please do update us if you find out anything more. Very interesting.

  4. I have not heard of a story like this. Aren't people that are participating in gay relationships supposed to be excommunicated? However, it WOULD be great to hear the verification of this story. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Every part of me at least HOPES this story is true. If it is I doubt it exists anywhere else out in Zion.

  6. Did you actually see his temple recommend? If this is true it would make things a lot easier for sure. However, this flies in the very face of things such as the Family Proclamation? But we can all have hope right? I'd love to hear more details on this as you are able to find them out. Thanks for sharing.