Thursday, January 21, 2010

Friends Make Life Easier

It's a few days later, my brother and I have at least "talked", the pain and hurt has subsided, and I am hopefully now dealing with the whole twin and family scenario somewhat more rationally. I've received some sound advice from a few wonderful friends and after having mulled most of it over, have chosen a path which will hopefully lead to a good place. To those "maahvelous" (pronounce with a Bostonian accent) friends, you know who you are, THANKS for being there! It never ceases to amaze me how quickly people can become friends, with some strangers you meet, it's almost like you've known them before. This concept is best expressed in a song I heard a few years ago while working as a councilor at EFY. There were many new people coming and going in my life, some where fellow councilors but most were the many EFY campers entering the program each week. Every once in awhile one or two would come along who for one reason or another just sort of stole a place in my heart, it was as if I had known them forever and was not meeting a new friend but being reunited with an old one. Throughout the coming out process I have experience this phenomena more than once with a few of the new friends I have met. There are indeed some wonderfully fantastic brothers and sisters within this, Our Gay Community!

Here are two verses found in the song I refer to above which express this concept:
I believe the title of the song is, A Part of Me!

We were strangers when we met.
And yet it seems I've always known you.
Kindred Spirits brought together
In this time that we've shared.

I was scared before I came here
Afraid I'd just feel lost and lonely.
Only then I saw you smilin'.
And I knew I'd found a friend
Thank You my new Gay Friends for all the love and support you have given during a difficult time in my life. You have indeed made a tough rode much easier and when I was scared and lonely and saw you smilin' I knew I'd found friends.

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