Friday, January 8, 2010

Coming Out Is Worth Whatever It Costs

I need to add a bit in regards to yesterdays post? Though the family has not handled this like I had hoped, and yes I have experienced more pain as a result than I care to think about, I would not go back and undo my coming out for anything in the world. It is worth everything it has cost!!!!! YES it is Good to be Free! (the title of another MOHO Blog) My hopes are that the family, especially my nephew, will come to realize that their actions are not going to change me and that they will come to remember who I am, their brother, uncle, cousin, etc and accept me as I am. But for those of you who have not as of yet "Come Out" please do not let the previous post scare you from doing so because the feelings of self worth and self acceptance which come from so doing are indescribably wonderful. Follow the Spirit and tell people at the right time, and when it happens you may experience some pain but you will also experience a love that you never thought possible radiating from within. I can honestly say that for the first time in my life I FEEL of my Father in Heavens love for this little queer gay son of his! And that is worth ANY price which one has to pay. I believe that by spending so much of my life denying what my Father in Heaven had created I was actually in a way offending my creator. I think that He is happy with the decisions I am currently making. At least I feel peace in my decision making process. And aren't we taught that peace is the main way the spirit speaks confirmation to our soul? When times are difficult it is human nature to dwell on that which is causing us pain so I fear that many of my blogs might scare some of you still in the closeters. Yes it is tough but then isn't anything worth doing? I may have temporarily lost some of my family but I have acquired an entire community who have indeed "Circled their Wagons" around this gay child of God and have helped me to endure this particular refiners fire.

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