Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another Nephew in Tears

Sometimes I just want to say "Damn It All To Hell" when it comes to how many people react to my coming out. The saddest part is that the worst offenders are my Mormon family and friends. Why is it that when it comes to this subject they seem to throw the most important teachings of the Saviour right out the window? What happened to Love the Lord thy God. . . and the second like unto it, Love thy neighbor. . . Why is it that the most important teachings of all get so overlooked by so many self proclaimed righteous individuals?

Another Nephew was told that his Uncle (Me) was gay this evening. He has spent the evening in tears and refuses to talk to me. I know I need to have patience, but what I don't understand are Church leaders who know that what they teach is causing people to react this way and yet they basically do nothing about it. Once again, "Where are the teachings of the Savior?

My heart breaks for another nephew because they have to suffer so as a result of what they have been taught.

Like I said, Damn IT!

I am finally in Kansas City and settling in with my new Job. Hopefully Ill have time to share a bit more regarding the abuse I endured as a child. I have had a number of people email me asking why I stopped. It got difficult to write so I needed a break, but think I'm ready to start again.


  1. Im really sorry that your family is reacting this way. I agree that it is very frustrating that the people who should show the most love and compassion are so quick to judge and have such a narrow minded view of what showing love is. What I try to remember for myself is that they are doing what they think is best in the eyes of God and what is best for themselves and possibly me, although I dont agree with it at all. I know what my truth is and I realize that other people dont see things from my point of view. But it just so happens that I completely agree with you. haha. ;)
    I hope things get better.


  2. *sigh*

    It shouldn't be that way, yes, but I've sadly accepted it. :(

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your new life in KC and it's good that you're blogging again.

  3. Hey Rich, nice to hear from you again. I'm so sorry this kind of thing continues in your family. I share your amazement and sorrow. And dismay that a church claiming to focus on the family perpetuates this kind of hurt and fear and divisiveness in the families it claims to want to strengthen. Something is obviously very wrong.